Monday, October 17, 2005

Fwd: All printing companies

Alssalamo 3alaykom,

The Attached file contains almost all printing companies in great Cairo;
Why these files
The needs;

  1. Quality Assurance newsletter (Yaaaah!!)
  2. Anti-Smoking Campaign flayer ( 7ad lessah faker )
  3. CDs envelops
  4. First Aid quick reference (meen dah!!)
  5. ComPapyrus (Avandem!!!!)
  6. Research Materials
We need to delete the companies that are related to machines and inks and are not strict printing
This Adv is found in Alwaseet prev. friday; Arabic is Best seen in GMail
1000كارت 4 لون + 200 استيكر هدية
60 جنيه
500 كارت 4 لون + 100 استيكر هدية
39 جنيه
2000 فلاير
80 جنيه
عمل جميع اليفط و و و

The next step after you prepare the file is mine, I will contact the whole 500 companies in the file withen an hour if any one want to learn how to do that, Please end me :)


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